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The Twisted Love of Food Addiction

Changing one thing changes everything!

Echo Pelster Is One of America's Most Sought Keynote Speakers  on the Topic of Food Addiction, She Personally Overcame Herself and Qualifies others to Achieve Overcoming Their Limiting Beliefs, She Teaches Audiences how to Gain Emotional Mastery and Live a Life of Spiritual Peace, Wisdom and Freedom,  She is A Top Selling Author, Professional Workshop Facilitator, Offering Group and Individual Coaching through Actionable Keynotes. 

Keynote Speaking To Transform the Mindset of Your Audiences! 

Echo can engage audiences ranging from 20 people to 30,000+.

Meet Your Transformational Keynote Speaker & Personal Development Trainer

Echo Laymon Pelster


When it comes to training you want the one who was not in the rank and file for over 40 years before they ever went into the training position, as your Certified Methodology Trainer and Actionable Keynote Speaker.

 International best-selling Co-Author in The Book on Transformation, and Top Selling Author of The Twisted Love of Food Addiction.

Echo Shares her experience, strength, and hope with others, Speaks from the Heart and will leave your audiences ready to take action, imagine if they improved by 1,2,5, or 10% in this next 12 months, what kind of difference would that make to your bottom line?

Getting the big picture and then framing the personal work that needs to be done to reach your personal health goal, your career goals, and your relationship goals, finding peace, ageless spiritual wisdom and personal fulfilment.

Create the situation where everyone wins!

Our Visio​n

It is that when you ask yourself what you want you are so in tune with yourself that you know the answer because of the emotional mastery you have gained, because you are now living a life of peace and abundance with spiritual wisdom and freedom, and You ask yourself again because knowing is so darned fun.

Our Mission

Every single person is valuable and has hidden secrets, it is not the definition of who they are. 

Our Goal is to free you from the hidden chains in your life that hold you back.

Without Shame or Blame.

Our Services & Workshops

Tailored to Your Audiences

One on One Leader Coaching

Group Team Coaching

 Individual Health Coaching

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs Workshops

Overcoming Limiting Behaviors Workshops

Giving up counterfeits for wisdom and peace.

Echo can engage audiences ranging from 20 people to 30,000+.